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19 March 2022 Bat Roost detector

Participants: Bill Gee
Seth Colston
Martin Carmichael
Kohl Mitchell
Shannon Zaloz
Emma Buckingham

Trip report by Bill Gee.

The main goal of this trip was to relocate the bat roost detector from the Mountain Room to the Lunch Room guano piles. We also planned to replace the batteries and the memory card in the roost detector, and to upgrade its firmware. The final goal was to collect three of the stream level data loggers so they can be sent in for battery replacement. read more

14 March 2022 Surface Work Day

On 3/14/22 Jay and Nick Kennedy rode down to the silo with Rick Hines to re-stake the location for the Pic Walenta Memorial Shelter House. Previously Jim Cooley and Rick had staked out an area but we decided to try to find a flatter location and one that would not interfere with hauling packs from the shaft with a pulley system and a vehicle. The new location is just south of the fire ring and near the power pole. Using a transit, we staked multiple possible locations trying to find a relatively flat spot that would not be in the road. We selected one that looked the best and staked the location for eight posts that will support the roof. The 24 by 20-foot area is angled relative to north to provide the flattest area to work with. The cedar trees Rita Worden planted will someday provide a nice windbreak. read more

21-23 January Survey Tomorrow-Morrow Land

By Chad McCain

DL7 to Tomorrow-Morrow Land

Friday afternoon I returned to Carroll Cave for my long-anticipated 2nd trip into the cave. Being a SEMO caver, I have no shortage of long caves to survey including the 1st, 2nd, 7th and the 17th longest caves in the state. I was invited on a weekend underground camp trip to push leads in the remote part of the cave, nay the most remote part of Missouri! read more

21-23 January 2022 Survey in Barterland area of DL7

Return to Bartertown

by Dan Lamping

Recently, 8 cavers descended into Carroll Cave to continue mapping in the Bartertown area of DL7 in Lower Thunder River. The area had not seen much attention since 2011. We’ve long had the goal of getting some new people familiar with that remote arm of the cave for a while as well as the desire to finish some remaining leads in that section of the cave. To help make sense of the area and place names, here’s some context along with some history of our efforts at pushing the frontier of DL7. read more

2021 Stream Flow Project Report

The stream flow data and graphs for 2021 are attached to this post as a ZIP file. Download and open this file to see the data. All of the graphs are in .PNG format. Raw data is also included, both as comma-separated values (CSV) files and as .hobo files.

There were no big flood events during 2021. Thunder River reached just under 4 feet in January, and never rose above 2.5 feet for the remainder of the year. read more