Guidebook article from 2015 NSS Convention

The 2015 annual convention of the National Speleological Society was held in Missouri just 30 miles from Carroll Cave.  Trips to Carroll Cave were a major feature of the event.

The guidebook for the convention had a lengthy article regarding the history and status of Carroll Cave.  The link below goes to a PDF file of the entire article including illustrations and figures. read more

Survey trip report 2018-07-14 Carroll Passage

Permit number: 1807-2
Trip date: 2018-07-14
Trip participants: Bob Lerch, Dan Lamping, Josh Hafner, Derik Holtmann, Joe Sikorski
Entry Time: Noon
Exit Time: Midnight

Our survey objective was the CR5 side passage in the Carroll River arm. We also wanted to get some photos in the vicinity of the CR5 side lead. It’s not the most beautiful part of the cave, but it is impressive river trunk passage that goes and goes with deep, soupy, and sticky mud in the stream channel. CR5 is downstream (towards the entrance) of Paradise Passage (CR3) and Trunk-in-the-Junk (CR4), but a good ways upstream of The Turnpike. Our plan was to have Josh and Derik do the photo work, and Dan, Joe, and I would survey. read more

CCC Web site has been reworked

At the annual members meeting on 28 July 2018 a decision was taken to make me (Bill Gee) the primary administrator of the CCC web site. Marty Griffin remains as a backup admin, but he has passed the primary responsibility over to me.

Over the last few weeks I have been learning WordPress and making modifications to the site. The changes are nearly done. Almost everything has been revisited. Here is a short list of changes: read more

Minutes from 2018 Annual Member’s Meeting

28 July 2018
Carroll Cave Conservancy meeting minutes

Bill Gee
Rick Hines
Kristen Godfrey
Jeff Page
Terry Sherman
Bob Lerch
Pic Walenta

Rick Hines, Kristen Godfrey and Bill Gee arrived at the fire station about 11:50am. We set up the room and verified connectivity to the projector.

Meeting called to order at 1:20pm.

There were no minutes from the previous two meetings. read more

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