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Biology trip reports and stats

11 July 2021 Upstream Thunder River to Mapped End

Participants – Bill Gee
Seth Colston
John Roth
Martin Carmichael
Hou Zhong
Rita Worden

Time in 9:15am, Time out 5:20pm

The weather situation for this trip was very dicey. We did not know what we were going to do until we got into the cave. The forecast for the night before the trip was for 1 to 2 inches of rain. Some rain did fall, but it was only 0.15 inches which is not enough to seriously affect the stream level. The daytime forecast called for showers after lunch. A shower did indeed happen, but less than 0.10 inch. read more

20 March 2021 Bat Roost Detector service

Participants – Bill Gee (Trip leader)
Hou Zhong
Seth Colston
Kristen Godfrey
Nathan Taylor

Time in – 9:50am
Time out – 5:30pm

In October 2020 during the annual bat census trip, we placed a bat roost logger in the Mountain Room. The main goal of this trip was to retrieve the memory card for analysis. We also installed new batteries in the roost logger, added some stuff to the Mountain Room rescue cache and searched for evidence of bats in an upper level passage. read more

24 October 2020 Bat Census Trip Report

Participants: – Bill Gee (trip leader)
Seth Colston
Kristen Godfrey
Isaac Smith
Vona Kuczynska
Jeanette Bailey

Time in – 10:20 a.m.
Time Out – 8:20 p.m.

This is the annual bat census trip that we run in October every year. This year we had some extra tasks and special participants. Vona is a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who specializes in grey bats, and Jeanette is a biologist with Missouri Department of Conservation specializing in bat ecology. I was very please that both were able to make this trip. read more

8 Feb 2020 Bat Census Trip Report

Biology Project Trip Report

Date of trip – 8 February 2020

Participants – Bill Gee (trip leader)
Seth Colston
Kristen Godfrey
Hou Zhong
Morgan Carson

Time in – 9:40am
Time out – 7:10pm

Areas visited – Carroll Passage to the Mountain Room

The normal annual bat census trip in Carroll Cave is run in late October. Last year (2019) the trip almost did not go due to lack of participation. We wound up doing a partial trip with only three people. That trip only went as far as the Lunch Room. We documented the state of the guano gauges but did not get to count any bats. read more

26 October 2019 Bat Census

Areas Visited – Carroll Passage to the Lunch Room

Time In – 9:30am
Time Out – 2:00pm

Participants – Bill Gee (trip leader)
Seth Colston
Hou Zhong

Permit number 1910-1

This was supposed to be our annual bat census trip where we count bats from the Lunch Room to the Mountain Room. One of the participants dropped out very early Saturday morning, leaving us no time to recruit a replacement. read more