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Survey stats, maps and trip reports.

21-23 January 2022 Survey in Barterland area of DL7

Return to Bartertown

by Dan Lamping

Recently, 8 cavers descended into Carroll Cave to continue mapping in the Bartertown area of DL7 in Lower Thunder River. The area had not seen much attention since 2011. We’ve long had the goal of getting some new people familiar with that remote arm of the cave for a while as well as the desire to finish some remaining leads in that section of the cave. To help make sense of the area and place names, here’s some context along with some history of our efforts at pushing the frontier of DL7. read more

26 December 2020 Survey

Trip date: 2020-12-26
Project manager: Bob Lerch
Trip purpose: Cartographic objectives in Upper Thunder River
Areas of Cave visited: Upstream Thunder
Trip participants: Bob Lerch, Joe Sikorski, Isaac Smith and Dan Lamping
Entry Time: Noon
Exit Time: 9 PM

We began looking for tie-in stations near the shaft. It turns out that the beginning of the Angel Pool Passage (T survey) was never sketched. A survey line was run through it as part of the first survey trip of the CCC, but there’s no sketch. So, we assessed how much passage needed to be drawn and found tie-ins. This will be a full day’s work in the future. read more

18 July 2020 Upstream Thunder River survey

Tony Schmitt
Derik Holtmann
Josh Brewer
Josh Hafner
Jeff Crews

The permit was under Dan Lamping’s name but due to a last minute injury he was unable to participate.

We entered the cave on Saturday morning having everyone at the bottom of the hole by 10am.
Our objectives were to fix the tie-in of UL1 and mainstream, check a couple of things noted on the field notes, and then head upstream to the Round Room to get some better sketches, and add a cross section through the room. read more