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28 Sep 2019 landowner trips


CCC Annual Landowner’s trips into Carroll Cave

Observations and Lessons Learned

Four Fredericks, a local family that built our new road, and Danny Schupbach, a gentleman who provided great assistant during the construction of the shaft, and two of his friends saw Carroll for the first time. They made their trip to Thunder Falls, the Carroll Passage and Angel Pool Passage without a problem. They enjoyed their trip and were very complementary of our effort. Three other locals that had planned to participate were not able to make it this year. read more

28 Sep 2019 introduction trip report

Trip Leader name: Richard Cindric

Trip date: 2019-09-28
Project manager: Rick Hines

Trip purpose: An introduction to the cave as part of the annual landowner’s event.

Areas of Cave visited: CarrollPassage, Upstream Thunder, Downstream Thunder

Trip participants: Jackson Bush, Mackenzie Desautel, Kyle Weber, Alyssa Weber, Mike Boyd, Dallin Miller, Emily Miller read more

Joshua Mouser masters thesis

In the spring of 2017 Bill Gee led three trips into Carroll Cave. Joshua Mouser was working on a masters project at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, doing eDNA data collection and analysis. He has completed his thesis paper and earned his Master of Science degree.

The complete paper is attached below as a PDF file. It is 130 pages of pretty dense reading! read more

7 Sep 2019 Work Day report

Trip report

Carroll work day September 7, 2019

Participants (riding with Rick) Rick Hines
Jim Cooley*
Julie Swetnam*
Shannon Robinson*
Jay Kennedy*
Nick Kennedy*
Jamie Euliss
Rita Worden
Martin Carmichael
Jeff Page
Randy Bruegger
Greg Fry


We finished anchoring the demo/practice cable to the silo floor and finished the installation of a waterproof LED light in the basement that was started on the prior work day. We got started on the installation of a new LED fixture in the silo. We repaired the roof of the school by replacing the torn section of the rubber roofing with a new 11’ by 12’ section of EPDM rubber. Jamie delivered a plaque made to honor Chris Danuser, Greg Fry and Ron Jaeger. We moved the picnic table and a steel wood rack to the Silo. The big effort was prepping the sky crapper for a move across the road to our land north of the silo. After cross bracing the sky crapper Greg Fry picked it up with his tractor and moved it to its new home. As we finished cleaning up and loading up Jay led Nick down the ladder for his first view of Carroll Cave. read more

27 July 2019 Annual members meeting

The 2019 annual members meeting of the Carroll Cave Conservancy took place on 27 July 2019 at the Mid-County Fire Protection District station in Camdenton, Missouri. The meeting was called to order at 13:05 by President Rick Hines.

CCC 2019 Annual MeetingDownload

The current officers and members of the board of directors were introduced. They are:

President – Rick Hines
Vice President – Jack Peters (not present)
Secretary – Bill Gee
Treasurer and membership – Jeff Page read more