2020 Stream Flow Project Report

The Stream Flow Project is complete for 2020. The ZIP file linked below contains all of the raw data along with graphs.

There was only one major flood in Carroll Cave during 2020. That flood occurred on 12 January. The stream level at the ladder reached about 12 feet, and below Thunder Falls it reached almost 21 feet. Other minor floods happened throughout the spring, and there was one minor event in October. read more

9 January 2021 Data Logger Service

Stream Flow Project Trip Report

Date of trip – 9 January 2021

Participants – Bill Gee (Trip leader)
Krista Bartel
Martin Carmichael
Kayla Heady
Sandra Galloway

Time in – 9:15am
Time out – 2:45pm

Areas visited – Carroll Passage, UL2, Convention Hall, Thunder Falls

This trip was the annual data logger collection trip. The goal was to download all data from every logger, and to change the battery in the rain gauge logger. read more

26 December 2020 Survey

Trip date: 2020-12-26
Project manager: Bob Lerch
Trip purpose: Cartographic objectives in Upper Thunder River
Areas of Cave visited: Upstream Thunder
Trip participants: Bob Lerch, Joe Sikorski, Isaac Smith and Dan Lamping
Entry Time: Noon
Exit Time: 9 PM

We began looking for tie-in stations near the shaft. It turns out that the beginning of the Angel Pool Passage (T survey) was never sketched. A survey line was run through it as part of the first survey trip of the CCC, but there’s no sketch. So, we assessed how much passage needed to be drawn and found tie-ins. This will be a full day’s work in the future. read more

26 December 2020 Campground

Trip date: 2020-12-26
Project manager: Jim Cooley
Trip purpose: Survey Joe Cave
Areas of Cave visited: Campground
Trip participants: Jim Cooley, Seth Colston, Ginny Friedrich
Entry Time: Arrived evening or 12/26/2020
Exit Time: Departed 9:00 a.m. 12/28/2020

The trip report: We camped for two nights, had campfires both nights, Showed the Joe Cave landowners, Cliff Kivela and Nancy Phenix, the silo and camping area. Cliff (a good friend of Doug Feakes) had seen the sinkhole dig, but not the shaft. We finished the survey of Joe Cave. read more

22 December 2020 Photo Trip

Trip date: 22 December 2020
Trip purpose: Photo/intro to Carroll
Areas of Cave visited: CarrollPassage
Trip participants: Terry Sherman (trip leader), Jamie Euless , Andrew Waters, Abby Waters, Ashley Waters
Entry Time: 10:30 Exit Time: 15:30

The trip report: Everyone took a little longer to get lined out, well, the 3 first timers in particular. Everyone entered and exited on pit rope without incident. On our way to the water barrier we stopped at the “best” formation area to take pictures. Immediately past this area we encountered Carroll’s boot sucking mud. As Ashley crosses the mud, as if the cave has possessed her spirit, she states, “I’ve lost my soul! The cave has taken my soul!” Jamie is heard saying, “Oh no, wardrobe malfunction!” read more