27 March 2021 Work Day

Trip report by Nathan Taylor.

Myself and my two sons (6 and 10) arrived at the silo on Friday, March 26, at approximately 7:00 PM. We set up our tent and spent some time wandering around the silo area. We spent a very windy night sleeping and ended up with the tent tied to the car to keep it upright.

Saturday morning, after some breakfast, we made our way to the schoolhouse. We pulled nails from a load of lumber and also sorted out rotted, broken, or otherwise too far gone lumber for burning. While we worked in and around the schoolhouse several trucks were working to move cows. A couple of them stopped to say hello. One who passed himself as the owner told me to take what we wanted from the schoolhouse but not to worry about cleaning it up or getting it all out as he would just burn off any trash or other material left behind. He also mentioned he had begun stashing some trash inside (we noted some piles of empty feed bags and other new detritus). I told him thank you. read more

21 March 2021 Restoration Project

Participants – Bill Gee (Trip leader)
Seth Colston
Kristen Godfrey
Nathan Taylor
Rita Worden
Grace Welch

Time in – 8:45am
Time out – 12:30pm

This trip is a prime example of how goals and plans can change even at the last minute. The original plan had been to run a biology survey and rescue cache service trip to far Upper Thunder River. We were going to have two trips in two days. read more

20 March 2021 Bat Roost Detector service

Participants – Bill Gee (Trip leader)
Hou Zhong
Seth Colston
Kristen Godfrey
Nathan Taylor

Time in – 9:50am
Time out – 5:30pm

In October 2020 during the annual bat census trip, we placed a bat roost logger in the Mountain Room. The main goal of this trip was to retrieve the memory card for analysis. We also installed new batteries in the roost logger, added some stuff to the Mountain Room rescue cache and searched for evidence of bats in an upper level passage. read more

2020 Stream Flow Project Report

The Stream Flow Project is complete for 2020. The ZIP file linked below contains all of the raw data along with graphs.

There was only one major flood in Carroll Cave during 2020. That flood occurred on 12 January. The stream level at the ladder reached about 12 feet, and below Thunder Falls it reached almost 21 feet. Other minor floods happened throughout the spring, and there was one minor event in October. read more

9 January 2021 Data Logger Service

Stream Flow Project Trip Report

Date of trip – 9 January 2021

Participants – Bill Gee (Trip leader)
Krista Bartel
Martin Carmichael
Kayla Heady
Sandra Galloway

Time in – 9:15am
Time out – 2:45pm

Areas visited – Carroll Passage, UL2, Convention Hall, Thunder Falls

This trip was the annual data logger collection trip. The goal was to download all data from every logger, and to change the battery in the rain gauge logger. read more