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Biology trip reports and stats

Biology: 2007 bat census

Trip Report – Carroll Cave Biology Project

Trip date: 13 October 2007

Participants: Bill Gee (trip leader)
Andy Isbell
Jim Cooley
Craig Hines

Time in cave: 10:00am
Time out: 9:30pm

Area visited: Carroll passage to the Mountain Room
Purpose: Annual bat census


Craig Hines rode with me to the schoolhouse where we met Jim Cooley. Andy Isbell came down Saturday morning. We were all up at the silo by shortly after nine getting dressed and rigging the drop. read more

Biology: 2008 bat census

Biology: Annual bat census
Jeff Grigg         Jeff Page         Max White
Biology Project Trip Report


Jeff Page and I arrived at the schoolhouse Friday evening to camp.  Jeff Grigg and Max White drove in early Saturday morning.  We all collected at the silo around 9:45 and were going down the shaft by 10:15. read more

Biology trip report 24 May 2008

Carroll Cave Trip Report – 24 May 2008

Project – Biology
Time in: 10:30am
Time out: 4:00pm
Bill Gee – Leader
Jeff Page
Matt Niemiller
Andy Isbell
Shawn Williams
Jim Cooley
Pic Walenta

In late summer 2007 Matt Niemiller contacted the Carroll Cave Conservancy asking for permission to enter the cave. Matt is a PhD student in biology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville currently working on a project to measure the genetic diversity of various populations of the Southern Cave Fish. His method is to take a small snip of fin from several individuals, then run a DNA analysis on it to compare with the other samples. read more

Biology trip, March 29, 2008

Trip Report – Carroll Cave Biology Project

Trip date – 29 March 2008

Areas visited – Upper Thunder River, UL2 side passage.

Bill Gee – Trip leader
Andy Isbell
Eric Hertzler
Max White
Ashley Smith
Justace Clutter
Jim Cooley

Jim, Justace and I camped Friday night at the schoolhouse. The temperature got down to about 40 degrees and there was a bit of wind. It was obvious that the area has received a lot of rain recently. Bill Pfantz stopped by for a few minutes and said he thought the rain was 4 to 6 inches in the last week. read more