Carroll Cave Maps

This page has links to the latest publicly available maps of Carroll Cave. There are also some historical maps.

Many of these quads are still works in progress. At least one has not yet been started. The files linked on this page will be updated as the survey team releases new versions.

Carroll Cave is so large that a single map file cannot represent it in any reasonable level of detail. The survey team has divided the cave into 11 “quads”, each representing a subsection of the cave. There are three quads for Upper Thunder River, three for Carroll Passage and five for Downstream Thunder River.

The first linked map is a line drawing that shows how the cave is divided into quads. Major place names are shown for reference.

Carroll Cave has three major trunk passages. The maps are grouped by trunk passage.

Upper Thunder River. Quad U1 includes the area around the entrance ladder. Quad U2 has not been started, so there is no link to it yet.

Downstream Thunder River. This is the longest and most complex of the three sections of the cave.

Carroll Passage. This section of the cave includes the natural entrance on sheet C3.

The next two maps were created from survey work done in the late 1950s up to around 1965 by Jim Helwig and others. The first map has almost no detail on it. The second, which was redrafted in 1983, has far more detail. It is interesting to compare these maps to the work done by the CCC survey team.

This image shows the layout of the 7 acres that Carroll Cave Conservancy owns.