Campground Policy

Board Approved 8/19/2019

  1. Camping at the silo on Carroll Cave Preserve property is available upon request.
  2. All camping events must be authorized by a numbered trip permit issued ahead of time by the Access Chair, just like actual trips into Carroll Cave, even if the campers are not entering Carroll Cave. A “Camping” button has been added to the on-line trip request process for this purpose.
  3. All campers must have filled out and signed the standard liability waiver on-line. This must be completed before a camping permit can be issued.
  4. 120VAC power is available. Bring your own extension cord.
  5. A trip report must be filed promptly after every camping event, regardless of whether the campers enter Carroll Cave or not.
  6. The general policy for camping at the silo will be: Leave No Trace. Therefore, nothing should be left behind at the campsite, with the exception of neatly stacked firewood. All camp trash must be removed at the end of each trip.
  7. The gate we will use on Mill Creek Road and the 1,200-foot-long gravel access road are on the east side of the fence as is our silo. Please do not stray from the road until you get to the silo as this is not our property. The gate must remain locked at all times after use. We must make sure that no livestock gets loose.
  8. Campers must not trespass on the surrounding landowner’s property, which currently is not fenced off. Please respect the livestock, giving it a wide berth. Longhorn cattle in particular are quite curious, but potentially dangerous (and they sure look that way!) Hopefully the cows and the campers can coexist without problems. Please report any issues. We will consider fencing part of our six acres if there are any problems.
  9. Neither the landowner nor the CCC shall be held liable for damage by cattle to persons, vehicles or equipment.
  10. No dogs allowed.
  11. Campfires should be built only in the fire ring provided.
  12. Please use the pre-cut, stacked firewood sparingly. Replace what you use, if possible.
  13. Campers having a campfire must attend and control their fires.
  14. Campers must completely extinguish all campfires before leaving the site.
  15. Campers will be responsible for fire-fighting charges levied by the fire protection district if their fire gets out of control, as well as for property damage. The camping area sits high on a bare ridge. It can get very windy up there, very quickly. BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE!
  16. Discharge of firearms and fireworks is prohibited.
  17. Please be considerate of your fellow campers. Quiet hours are 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., during which time priority is given to those trying to sleep. Conversely, if you do NOT wish to sit up half the night chatting around the campfire, please pitch your tent or place your camper as far from the common area as possible. Consideration goes both ways.