12/4-6/09 – Survey in DL7

12/4-6 Survey trip in DL7

Here are some comments from the survey team.

A full report will be posted here after it has been submitted.

One thought on “12/4-6/09 – Survey in DL7”

  1. We got a vary late start Friday evening (12/4), entering the cave about midnight. The trip to Jerry’s Cairns was uneventful. On Saturday (12/5), we headed to the end of the DL7 survey (DL7-140). We mapped for about 4-5 hours in modest-sized passage, extending the north fork (the main arm of DL7) to within ~1000 feet of the survey conducted by Hoffman et al. in the late ’60’s. The passage is now fairly straight-forward to draw compared to much of the rest of the cave, making survey relatively easy. The hard part is getting all the way out to the end of the survey. We hope to get to the end of known passage on a multi-day trip after Christmas, and we have numerous side passages to work on as well. Currently, DL7 has been mapped to just over 2 miles of estimated passage length, and the overall survey of Carroll now stands at 16.98 miles of estimated passage length.

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