CCC Web site has been reworked

At the annual members meeting on 28 July 2018 a decision was taken to make me (Bill Gee) the primary administrator of the CCC web site. Marty Griffin remains as a backup admin, but he has passed the primary responsibility over to me.

Over the last few weeks I have been learning WordPress and making modifications to the site. The changes are nearly done. Almost everything has been revisited. Here is a short list of changes:

* Upgraded to latest version of WordPress.
* Upgraded several plugins including the photo galler manager and the form manager.
* Completely reorganized the photos section. There were many photos in the wrong place, and also a lot of duplicates.
* Added a Data Privacy policy.
* The bylaws and constitution are now a menu item off the main page. They are much easier to find now.
* The links to Google Calendar and Twitter now work.
* The link to the old web site is gone. All relevant content from it (mainly the 2002 MVOR photos) has been moved to the new site.
* The forms for trip reports, trip requests and member application have been revised.
* https (secure connections) are now the default.
* The site recognizes and reformats itself when viewed on mobile devices.

Changes yet to be done:

* I want to make a page for each committee that lists their goals and objectives.
* Rick Hines and I will revisit all of the photos. I expect the photo galleries to change and expand over the next couple of months.

If you have comments or suggestions, please use the comment form below.

Bill Gee

One thought on “CCC Web site has been reworked”

  1. Yea! Really glad to see Bill having fun with our CCC website. I quit at the 2011 members meeting after a twelve year run, and it only took 7 years to get a replacement.
    Really thrilled to get some beautiful pictures on here and continue finding ways to use the website to promote the conservation of the cave, in harmony with above ground land uses.

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