2004 Survey Progress Report

Early in 2004, our efforts were focused on pushing the far reaches of the UL2 (Convention Hall) side passage and continuing the main Upper Thunder trunk (U Survey). By mid-summer, the U Survey reached the Bone Room, and we started the UL4 Survey. Most of our efforts in July-September were focused on UL4, teasing us with the possibility of breaking under Traw Hollow. After netting a hard earned 1610’ of upper and lower canyon passage, the possibility of getting past Traw looks low but not zero. We have another 1000’ or so of stream level canyon to push before we give up hope. In addition, the UL4 stream, a sinuous but significant tributary (~1 cfs at baseflow) to Upper Thunder River, was observed to have cavefish. Thus, both the UL2 and UL4 streams have been added to the growing amount of cavefish habitat known to exist within Carroll. The U Survey went through the biggest and most convoluted passage we have surveyed so far.

12/3-4/04 – Lerch(Carroll)

in just three months we mapped ~8500' in Carroll River. In addition, we busted the 40,000' mark! Thanks to everybody that participated in these long, hard trips. Carroll River gets a break, and we will be heading back to our Upper Thunder leads for a while.

Carroll Cave Survey Project – 2004 Progress Report

Submitted by Bob Lerch, Survey Project Chairman (NSS 45004; CCC 140)

The Carroll Cave survey had its most productive year yet, with just under 22,000 feet surveyed in 2004 (Table 1). The total surveyed passage is now 40,803.9’ (7.73 miles), and the estimated passage length surveyed is 38,326’ (7.26 miles). We mapped 3125.3’ more in the last 12 months than the previous 14 months of the project. In 2004, we averaged 1830.4’ (0.35 miles)/month compared to the previous 14-month average of 1345.7’/month. That’s a nice 36% increase in productivity. We have mapped 3.25 miles of previously unmapped side passages along with 4.48 miles of re-mapped trunk passage. Figure 1 shows the current line plot with the side passages and major sections and rooms labeled. Figure 2 is perhaps a more impressive way to show our progress, providing a visual comparison between the footage surveyed to date with that surveyed through 2-28-2004. read more