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14 March 2022 Surface Work Day

On 3/14/22 Jay and Nick Kennedy rode down to the silo with Rick Hines to re-stake the location for the Pic Walenta Memorial Shelter House. Previously Jim Cooley and Rick had staked out an area but we decided to try to find a flatter location and one that would not interfere with hauling packs from the shaft with a pulley system and a vehicle. The new location is just south of the fire ring and near the power pole. Using a transit, we staked multiple possible locations trying to find a relatively flat spot that would not be in the road. We selected one that looked the best and staked the location for eight posts that will support the roof. The 24 by 20-foot area is angled relative to north to provide the flattest area to work with. The cedar trees Rita Worden planted will someday provide a nice windbreak. read more

3 November 2021 Surface Work Day

On 11/3/2021 Bill Gee and I drove to the Carroll Cave silo for a planned workday with Cliff Gill to finish moving lumber from the schoolhouse to the silo. 

Before starting on the schoolhouse clean out project, we searched through the grass around the silo for the tree seedlings Bill and Rita Worden had planted last year. We found 22 cedars, 2 bald cypress, and 2 oaks. We placed six or so plastic shingles around the base of each tree to make it easier to locate and care for in the future. read more

28 March 2021 Surface Work

Date of trip: 28 March 2021

Participants: Rita Worden
Bill Gee
Kayla Heady
Charles Heady
Alexander Heady
David Heady

Rita Worden’s trip report

Many thanks to Kayla Heady and her crew for their help planting the little baby trees at the Pic Walenta Memorial Campground at Carroll Cave! The planting was easy enough, but the camping, campfire-ing, sleeping(what sleeping?) and just plain thinking were challenging due to near gale force winds the entire time. With Bill Gee’s help we planted 11 bald cypress near the frog pond, 25 red cedars for a wind break (ohh yeah) and 10 white oaks for shade. We also did some collective thinking-out-loud as to the location for the pavilion. After we left Bill mowed around the cedars and I returned w/ tomato cages for the oaks and some Deer-Off to discourage browsing by our Long Horn friends. I hope it works and will be returning on Friday to check on it all. read more

27 March 2021 Work Day

Trip report by Nathan Taylor.

Myself and my two sons (6 and 10) arrived at the silo on Friday, March 26, at approximately 7:00 PM. We set up our tent and spent some time wandering around the silo area. We spent a very windy night sleeping and ended up with the tent tied to the car to keep it upright.

Saturday morning, after some breakfast, we made our way to the schoolhouse. We pulled nails from a load of lumber and also sorted out rotted, broken, or otherwise too far gone lumber for burning. While we worked in and around the schoolhouse several trucks were working to move cows. A couple of them stopped to say hello. One who passed himself as the owner told me to take what we wanted from the schoolhouse but not to worry about cleaning it up or getting it all out as he would just burn off any trash or other material left behind. He also mentioned he had begun stashing some trash inside (we noted some piles of empty feed bags and other new detritus). I told him thank you. read more

19 September 2020 Work Weekend

Report by Jeff Page.

Participants: Rick Hines, Bill Gee, Rita Worden, Nathan, Sarah, Sam and Ben Taylor, Matthew Hernandez (new member) and Jeff Page. Cameo appearance by Terry Sherman on Friday evening.

All except Rita came Friday evening and camped. The weather was perfect for outdoor activities. We had a few items on the list to be addressed. These things happened more or less simultaneously. read more