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15 October 2022 Upstream Thunder River

Trip report by Tony Schmitt

Entry Time: 10am
Exit Time: 4pm

As part of the MCKC 30th anniversary and celebration of the Carroll Cave acquisition, I agreed to lead a trip. Martin Carmichael (Chouteau Grotto) along with Jen Sutherland and Cathleen Yung (both MVG) signed up. Martin has been in the cave many times. Cathleen has been in the cave once on a survey trip downstream to survey a sleazy side passage. This was Jen’s first introduction to Carroll. Both Jen and Cathleen are newer to the caving community. Both are competent, enthusiastic and easy to get along with. Our goal for the day was the Second Azure Pool and the Chocolate Bunny. read more

20 March 2022 UL2

Trip report by Bill Gee.

Carroll Cave trip report 20 March 2022

Participants: Bill Gee
John Roth
Seth Colston
Hou Zhong
Kristen Godfrey

Time in = 9:20am, time out = 3:10pm.

I have been visiting Carroll Cave for many years. There are many more years left for me, but eventually the time will come when I cannot do it anymore. With an eye toward that I am trying to mentor some younger cavers. It is time to pass on some of the knowledge that I have. read more