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Policies and procedures of the CCC, inc. 501(c)3

15 October 2022 MCKC meeting

Trip report by Rick Hines

Saturday, I attended the MCKC’s 30th Anniversary at Carroll Cave where Alex Litsch, president of Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy, and I signed the deed (PDF attached), donating the Carroll Cave Conservancy’s real estate to MCKC. This marks the end of my long involvement with the CCC but not my involvement and passion for Carroll! read more

1 July 2022 – CCC merges with MCKC

Today marks a big change in the history of Carroll Cave and its community. In recent months the boards of directors for the Carroll Cave Conservancy (CCC) and the Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy (MCKC) have been negotiating a merger by which the MCKC will assume ownership of the Carroll Cave property presently owned by the CCC. The board of CCC determined this move to be in the best interest of securing ownership in perpetuity. The presidents of both organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that defines the relationship going forward. Let’s take a look at what will and won’t be changing from here on out. read more

Message from CCC President Jeff Page

This goes out to all Carroll Cave Conservancy members, past and present. On July 25th of this year, CCC held its annual meeting over the Zoom platform. Being an even year, there was an election of officers held. Your new officers are Jeff Page, President, Jay Kennedy, VP, Bill Gee, Recording Secretary, and Kristen Godfrey, Treasurer. Our bylaws allow the elected officers to recruit five at-large board member positions to ensure a broader perspective on the issues facing CCC.
Your new board of directors includes the officers listed above along with Bob Lerch, Dan Lamping, Terry Sherman, Jim Cooley and Rick Hines. This group will be meeting by email or other medium to discuss and resolve issues confronting CCC over the next two years. read more

2020 Annual Member’s meeting

The annual member’s meeting of the Carroll Cave Conservancy will be held on Saturday July 25, 2020 starting at 10:00am CDT. Due to coronavirus concerns, the meeting will be held via Zoom video conference.

The Zoom meeting number is 869 8201 1701. A direct link is

This meeting will include election of officers for the next two years. The election will be conducted through a Web site. All current members of Carroll Cave Conservancy will receive a ballot by email about 2 weeks before the meeting. read more