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Policies and procedures of the CCC, inc. 501(c)3

Trash sink dig project reports

The document linked below contains all of the trip reports from the trash sink dig project.  This was ultimately unsuccessful which led to the blasting project that opened the back door to Carroll Cave.

The document also contains meeting minutes from CCC meetings 1995 through December 2000.

all Trash sink dig rep & CCC Meeting Minutes Nov 1995 – Dec 2000 read more

CCC Web site has been reworked

At the annual members meeting on 28 July 2018 a decision was taken to make me (Bill Gee) the primary administrator of the CCC web site. Marty Griffin remains as a backup admin, but he has passed the primary responsibility over to me.

Over the last few weeks I have been learning WordPress and making modifications to the site. The changes are nearly done. Almost everything has been revisited. Here is a short list of changes: read more