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9 July 2022 Data Logger Service

Participants – Bill Gee (trip leader)
Martin Carmichael
Becca Marlin
Tyler Marlin
Olivia Trussell

Time in = 9:30am, time out = 2:30pm

Trip report by Bill Gee

This is the semi-annual service trip for the stream level data loggers. Twice a year I download all of the data from them. They hold about 7 months of data. If they do not get downloaded, then new data overwrites old data. read more

10 April 2022 Data Logger Service

Time in – 10:15am
Time out – 12:45pm

Participants – Bill Gee
Candace Kovacs
Mike Kovacs
Adele Kovacs
Rita Worden

Back in January during the regular data logger service trip, I had trouble downloading data from the logger in UL2. To further diagnose the problem, I took the logger out of the cave. It turned out to have a low battery. We sent it in for a battery replacement. It was returned in early March and placed back in the cave during a trip on 20 March. read more

2021 Stream Flow Project Report

The stream flow data and graphs for 2021 are attached to this post as a ZIP file. Download and open this file to see the data. All of the graphs are in .PNG format. Raw data is also included, both as comma-separated values (CSV) files and as .hobo files.

There were no big flood events during 2021. Thunder River reached just under 4 feet in January, and never rose above 2.5 feet for the remainder of the year. read more

22 January 2022 Data Logger Service

Participants: Bill Gee (leader), Mike Kovacs, Candace Kovacs, Scott Wenzel, Kayla Heady

Trip report by Bill Gee

Time in – 9:15am. Time out – 2:45pm.

There is a link to YouTube video at the bottom of this post. The video was recorded by Mike and Candace Kovacs using several GoPro cameras. Editing was done by Mike Kovacs. There is also a picture gallery. read more

10 July 2021 Data Logger Service Trip

Participants – Bill Gee
George Tengel
Shawn Paxton
Rebecca Carpenter
Josh Hutchinson
Kent Melchiors

Time in 9:15am, Time out 3:45pm

This is the annual summer trip to download data from all of the data loggers in the cave. The loggers only hold about 7 months of data, so we visit them every 6 months or so.

I drove to the silo campground Friday afternoon, arriving about 4:00pm. After parking the camper, I started the lawn mower. The grass was not all that high except right nround the camper. I mowed in front of the silo, around the picnic table and around my camper and truck. I also ran a string trimmer. My string trimmer is a small battery-powered device that just does not have the power to deal with tall grass such as what is under the picnic table. read more