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October 2020 Landowner Trips

Report by Rick Hines


Four of the five landowner 2020 trips took place October 10 and 11. The fifth trip went in the following Saturday, Oct 17. All five trips went well and hopefully furthered the CCC’s goal to expand awareness within the community of the amazing cave system below their land, that we believe needs to be protected and conserved. The trips visited Angel Pool passage, Thunder Falls, and Carroll passage. read more

28 Sep 2019 Landowner trip

The Carroll Cave Conservancy will be conducting our annual public Carroll Cave Tours on Saturday September 28. Please let us know if you or your friends and relatives are interested in a trip. Contact Rick Hines ( with questions or to sign up for a trip. Participants must sign a liability release and be able to climb a 120 foot vertical ladder. read more

Guidebook article from 2015 NSS Convention

The 2015 annual convention of the National Speleological Society was held in Missouri just 30 miles from Carroll Cave.  Trips to Carroll Cave were a major feature of the event.

The guidebook for the convention had a lengthy article regarding the history and status of Carroll Cave.  The link below goes to a PDF file of the entire article including illustrations and figures.

Carroll Cave_Guidebook Article_Text and Figures_5-11-2015