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Photography documentation

15 January 2022 Carroll Passage Photo

Trip date: 2022-01-15
Project manager: Kristen Vogel
Trip purpose: Photography
Areas of Cave visited: Carroll Passage, Turnpike
Trip participants: Kristen Vogel – Leader. Kathy Christensen, Chase Cunningham, Joseph Garten, John Nigro, John Roth, Rita Worden, Shannon Zaloz

Entry Time: 10:30am, Exit Time: 5:30pm

Trip report by Kristen Godfrey: Two people braved the cold weather and camped at the silo Friday night. Four of us stayed at an Airbnb Friday night and arrived at the silo at 8:40am. Two others drove to the silo on Saturday morning. One of those was late due to getting lost, so he was not in the picture taken at the silo. That picture only has seven people in it, when we actually had eight. read more

28 February 2021 Convention Hall Photo

Shannon Zaloz , Victor Munsen , Kohl Mitchell and Martin Carmichael

We arrived at the silo around 9am. The field was incredibly soggy so we all kept our vehicles parked on the gravel.

I opened the silo and rigged our rope for rappelling in. We went over quite a bit of basic information, the entry and exit logistics, how to use the cable ascenders and the emergency equipment. read more

9 Oct 2021 Convention Hall Photography Trip

Trip purpose: Photography
Areas of Cave visited: Upstream Thunder, Convention Hall
Trip participants: David Fairbairn, Shannon Zaloz, John Roth, Victor Munsen, Cliff Gill, Alaina Borra, Kathy Christensen, Becca Marlin

Entry Time: 10:00 am
Exit Time: 4:30 pm

Alaina and I arrived Friday night shortly before 10pm and quickly set up camp. The grass in the driveway was about knee high which made it difficult to see if there were any hazards in the gravel on the way in. read more

22 December 2020 Photo Trip

Trip date: 22 December 2020
Trip purpose: Photo/intro to Carroll
Areas of Cave visited: CarrollPassage
Trip participants: Terry Sherman (trip leader), Jamie Euless , Andrew Waters, Abby Waters, Ashley Waters
Entry Time: 10:30 Exit Time: 15:30

The trip report: Everyone took a little longer to get lined out, well, the 3 first timers in particular. Everyone entered and exited on pit rope without incident. On our way to the water barrier we stopped at the “best” formation area to take pictures. Immediately past this area we encountered Carroll’s boot sucking mud. As Ashley crosses the mud, as if the cave has possessed her spirit, she states, “I’ve lost my soul! The cave has taken my soul!” Jamie is heard saying, “Oh no, wardrobe malfunction!” read more

Large photo of formations at UL2 entrance

Our master photographer Rick Hines has stitched together several photos of the formation area at the entrance to UL2. The result is too large to host directly on this web site. Rick posted the photo to Gigapan. The link below should open it up for viewing.

This is one of the best formation areas in the cave. It is extremely difficult to light because of the contrast. Normally there is either too much light and everything washes out, or there is too little and everything is dark. Getting it just right, as in this photo, is an art. read more