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No Updates To This Site

With the merger to MCKC, this web site is no longer necessary. All content has been copied to the MCKC web site.

This site will cease to exist when the site hosting and domain registration expire. That should be in August 2023. In the meantime there will be no more updates here. All new content is going to the MCKC web site.

28 October 2022 Campground Work Day

Working on the Pic Walenta Memorial Shelter House at Carroll Cave, Oct 27 and 28. Report by Rick Hines.

I had hoped to pour concrete on Oct 28 but after 3 inches of rain earlier in the week I canceled the concrete to avoid getting a concrete truck stuck in the cow pasture. But since I had a crew lined up, I went ahead with working Oct 27-28 and switched from concrete work to framing the shelter house. read more

14-16 October 2022 – MCKC 30th Anniversary meeting

Trip report by Alex Litsch

Trip date: 2022-10-15
Project manager: Alex Litsch
Trip purpose: Celebration
Areas of Cave visited: Campground
Trip participants: 24 participants
Entry Time: October 14th
Exit Time: October 16th

The trip report: There was good weather, good caving, good food, and good conversation this past weekend during MCKC’s 30th anniversary at our newest acquisition, Carroll Cave. In attendance were the two men that started the MCKC 30 years ago, Don Toole and Doug Feakes (aka Digger). Shout out to Kirsten Alvey-Mudd and her helper, Adele Ayres, for making a banquet Saturday evening for everyone. Also a shout out to Tony Schmitt who showed up Thursday night to make sure that the porta johns were delivered on Friday. Tony also joined the MCKC board this same weekend and took up the mantle of MSS Rep and Membership Secretary. He is a welcomed addition to the board. He is filling the vacancy left by recently resigned board member Alicia Wallace whom had served on the MCKC board for over 24 years and was a strong influence in shaping the MCKC into what it is today. She also played a significant part in the creation of the Missouri Cave Plates program. read more

15 October 2022 MCKC meeting

Trip report by Rick Hines

Saturday, I attended the MCKC’s 30th Anniversary at Carroll Cave where Alex Litsch, president of Missouri Cave and Karst Conservancy, and I signed the deed (PDF attached), donating the Carroll Cave Conservancy’s real estate to MCKC. This marks the end of my long involvement with the CCC but not my involvement and passion for Carroll! read more

15 October 2022 Upstream Thunder River

Trip report by Tony Schmitt

Entry Time: 10am
Exit Time: 4pm

As part of the MCKC 30th anniversary and celebration of the Carroll Cave acquisition, I agreed to lead a trip. Martin Carmichael (Chouteau Grotto) along with Jen Sutherland and Cathleen Yung (both MVG) signed up. Martin has been in the cave many times. Cathleen has been in the cave once on a survey trip downstream to survey a sleazy side passage. This was Jen’s first introduction to Carroll. Both Jen and Cathleen are newer to the caving community. Both are competent, enthusiastic and easy to get along with. Our goal for the day was the Second Azure Pool and the Chocolate Bunny. read more