9 July 2022 Data Logger Service

Participants – Bill Gee (trip leader)
Martin Carmichael
Becca Marlin
Tyler Marlin
Olivia Trussell

Time in = 9:30am, time out = 2:30pm

Trip report by Bill Gee

This is the semi-annual service trip for the stream level data loggers. Twice a year I download all of the data from them. They hold about 7 months of data. If they do not get downloaded, then new data overwrites old data. read more

4 June 2022 Trail Marking

Trip report by Kristen Vogel
Participants: Kristen Vogel – Trip Leader. Candace Kovacs, Mike Kovacs, Alaina Borra, Brandon Fagen, Raleigh Miller, Matthew Hernandez, Becca Marlin,  John Roth – Trip Leader. Briony Downes-Ward

This purpose of this trip was to do some resto work and plan for further areas that need resto in Carroll Passage. Five of us arrived Friday night and camped. Everyone else arrived Saturday morning. We geared up and started down the shaft at 9:30 am, with the last caver in at 10:10. Mike Kovacs took a Go Pro video of the rappel in. This was the first time in Carroll Cave for Brandon, Raleigh, and Briony.  read more

4 June 2022 Trail Marking

Trip report by John Roth

Participants: Kristen Vogel, Mike Kovacs, Candace Kovacs, Alaina Borra, Brandon Fagen, Matthew Hernandez, Becca Marlin, Raleigh Miller, Bryn Downes-Ward, John Roth

Time in 09:30, time out 17:00 Areas visited – Angel Pool, Carroll Passage, Thunder Falls

The purpose of the trip was to flag or re-flag sensitive formation areas, place reflective markers, and bring new cavers for an introductory trip to Carroll. Kristen’s permit group was full, so John from Chouteau Grotto signed up in advance for another permit, bringing the total group to 10.
Some KCAG members camped Friday night, and everyone else joined at the silo before 9am Saturday. Becca made it in the nick of time, and dressed quickly while Candace had already rappelled the shaft. Everyone was down by 10:15am. What became immediately obvious was the much louder sound of the falls compared to previous trips.We first headed West to the Angel pool, and Kristen and John added pink flagging tape around the periphery, noting lots of foot traffic around the edges. Past the Angel pool, the group explored the end, but a connection to UR1 was not found…. surprise. read more

10 April 2022 Data Logger Service

Time in – 10:15am
Time out – 12:45pm

Participants – Bill Gee
Candace Kovacs
Mike Kovacs
Adele Kovacs
Rita Worden

Back in January during the regular data logger service trip, I had trouble downloading data from the logger in UL2. To further diagnose the problem, I took the logger out of the cave. It turned out to have a low battery. We sent it in for a battery replacement. It was returned in early March and placed back in the cave during a trip on 20 March. read more

20 March 2022 UL2

Trip report by Bill Gee.

Carroll Cave trip report 20 March 2022

Participants: Bill Gee
John Roth
Seth Colston
Hou Zhong
Kristen Godfrey

Time in = 9:20am, time out = 3:10pm.

I have been visiting Carroll Cave for many years. There are many more years left for me, but eventually the time will come when I cannot do it anymore. With an eye toward that I am trying to mentor some younger cavers. It is time to pass on some of the knowledge that I have. read more