28 February 2021 Convention Hall Photo

Shannon Zaloz , Victor Munsen , Kohl Mitchell and Martin Carmichael

We arrived at the silo around 9am. The field was incredibly soggy so we all kept our vehicles parked on the gravel.

I opened the silo and rigged our rope for rappelling in. We went over quite a bit of basic information, the entry and exit logistics, how to use the cable ascenders and the emergency equipment. read more

14 November 2021 Biology Trip

Participants – Bill Gee
John Roth
Pamela Hart

Time in = 9:45am, time out = 1:00pm

In mid-October we received a trip permit request from Dr. Pamela Hart. No one had any idea who she was, but the trip permit mentioned Matt Niemiller who we have worked with in the past. After further discussion with Dr. Hart we figured out this was a legitimate request. Jeff Page left it to me as leader of the Biology Project to make appropriate arrangements. read more

3 November 2021 Surface Work Day

On 11/3/2021 Bill Gee and I drove to the Carroll Cave silo for a planned workday with Cliff Gill to finish moving lumber from the schoolhouse to the silo. 

Before starting on the schoolhouse clean out project, we searched through the grass around the silo for the tree seedlings Bill and Rita Worden had planted last year. We found 22 cedars, 2 bald cypress, and 2 oaks. We placed six or so plastic shingles around the base of each tree to make it easier to locate and care for in the future. read more

30 October 2021 Bat Census Trip

Participants – Bill Gee
Kristen Godfrey
Matthew Hernandez
John Roth
Martin Carmichael

Time in 0915, time out 1815.

This was the annual bat census trip in Carroll Cave. We run this trip near the end of October every year. This year, besides counting bats, we had an additional task to exchange batteries and memory card in the bat roost detector in the Mountain Room. We also moved the bat roost detector to a new position that gives it a better view of the passage to the natural entrance. read more

9 Oct 2021 Convention Hall Photography Trip

Trip purpose: Photography
Areas of Cave visited: Upstream Thunder, Convention Hall
Trip participants: David Fairbairn, Shannon Zaloz, John Roth, Victor Munsen, Cliff Gill, Alaina Borra, Kathy Christensen, Becca Marlin

Entry Time: 10:00 am
Exit Time: 4:30 pm

Alaina and I arrived Friday night shortly before 10pm and quickly set up camp. The grass in the driveway was about knee high which made it difficult to see if there were any hazards in the gravel on the way in. read more