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CCC Membership Criteria

  1. Be current on Dues
  2. Have a signed Release & Membership Application on file.
  3. Have a current member number assigned by the membership committee.

Types of Membership

  • Individual:
  • Family membership: Include two or more members that live at the same address and must be designated at the time of membership and/or renewal (i.e., John Doe, primary member, Jane Doe, secondary, Johnny Doe, third, etc).    Family fees are $5.00 more than an Individual membership.
  • Honorary:  The CCC Officers may honor one person each year for their  contributions to the CCC.  The honoree’s membership fee will be waived for life unless revoked by majority vote of the full Board of Directors.
  • Introductory:  The Board of Directors will be allowed to name three Introductory Members each year.  These will be non-CCC members the Board wishes to recognize.  Introductory Memberships will carry full voting rights.
  • Minors:  Persons under the age of 18.  Minors do not have voting rights and must have a sponsor in good standing upon joining or renewing membership.

Membership Fees

Annual Membership Fees

Individual         $15.00

Family                 $20.00

Minor                   $5.00


Membership application and waiver may be submitted online by clicking  here

—>     Online Renewal membership form and Waiver

Otherwise, Membership fees, release and application should be sent to the Membership Chairman, Jeff Page.

download member ship form

download Liability Release

CCC Membership
 c/o Jeff Page 
PO Box 3634
Lawrence, KS  66046
Renewal payment of membership fee is due as of January first each year. Dues are not prorated or discounted if paid after January first.  Members, whose fees lapse, will remain on the membership roster until April 1st after the January due date.

New members paying dues after October 1 will cover the period through December 31 of the next year (i.e., up to 15 months)

The rights provided with CCC membership are:

  • Voting rights at membership meetings.
  • Name enrolled on member roster.
  • Non-minor, CCC member may participate in Carroll Cave trips.
  • Minors: Members under the age of 18 do not have voting rights and must have a release signed by a parent or legal guardian and a sponsor to participate in Carroll Cave trips.


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