CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2017

11/18/2017 – Turning on the lights

we un-spooled the lights and fastened them to the ladder before too much weight caused stress on the lights

11/2/2017 – Annual bat census

When we got back, Rita found a live one and put it in a flask to carry out.

7/15/17 – Carroll passage resto trip

Went to water barrier and took pictures

Biology Project data files

This post contains an attached ZIP file.  The ZIP file is the raw data from the past ten years of bat census trips.  Each trip generated three files – One for isopod count, one for guano pile status and one for bat count. Bill Gee CarrollcaveBioProjectData

7/1/2017 – Photo trip upstream

a surprising amount of trash that we extracted

5/13/2017 – eDNA sample collection

The weather was nearly perfect – sunny and about 80 degrees

4/15/2017 – eDNA sample collection

There were 2 or 3 fish right at the sample site

3/25/2017 – eDNA collection trip

we got lucky.  There was one fish near the second sample site

1/28/2017 – Annual data logger date collection trip

The Rimstone Room still has some carbide dumps that need to be picked up.  The rock wall that protects a formation about halfway from the ladder to the Rimstone Room is mostly knocked apart. 

2016 Stream Flow Project annual report

2016 was a pretty boring year for the stream flow project.  There were no major flood events in the cave. 2015 ended with a major flood, reaching 24 feet in Thunder River.  The effects of that flood lingered over to the first two days of 2016.  By January 3 the river was back down to […]