CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2014

10/25/2014 – Annual Bat Census

fairly muddy but still easier and shorter

7/26/2014 – CCC Annual Members Meeting

We could use a couple more trip leaders still.

Fish photography

Trip Report – Fish photography 27 July 2014 Trip permit number = 1407-1 Several months ago I was introduced to Bob Hrabik by both David Ashley and Shelly Colatskie.  Bob is working on a revision of the book “The Fishes of Missouri”.  Among his goals are to get really good photographs of every species of […]

7/26/14 – 2014 CCC Annual Meeting

was held in Camdenton, MO

Bylaws documents – July 2014

This post contains both PDF and DOC files of the bylaws that were approved at the 2014 annual members meeting.  These bylaws are in effect from 26 July 2014 until further modified. PDF format – CCC bylaws adopted 26 July 2014 DOC format – CCC bylaws adopted 26 July 2014

Draft of revised bylaws

This PDF file is a DRAFT of the proposed bylaws.  We will vote on these at the meeting on July 26, 2014.   CCC bylaws revised-5

6/2/2014 – Annual biology field trip

I do not recall any previous occasion where we found absolutely nothing on any stick at a bait station.

3/23/2014 – 20 mile survey milestone reached!

The milestone was reached in DL7-L2, which is the lengthy south fork of DL7. The cave was nice walking passage with a large room near the 20-mile mark.

02/15/2014 – Bio survey upper Thunder River

an hour to get to the breakdown pile, including a short side-trip to admire the Second Azure Pool. We took a pause for a candy bar break

2013 Stream Flow Annual Report

The stream flow data from full year 2013 is now collected and graphed.  The attached ZIP file contains all of the raw data in TXT format plus PDF graphs of each major data set.  If anyone has HoboWare Plus (not a free program) and wants the true raw data, let me know and I will […]