CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2012

Online visitors – 12/31/12

December 2013 – Hits: 802 Hosts: 110 Visitors: 226 Sessions: 277 New Visitors: 208

10/27/2012 – Annual bat census Lunch Room to Mountain Room

catches your eye is the burned out remnants of Bill Pfantz’ camper.

7/14/2012 – Carroll Cave Conservancy Annual Board & Membership Business Meeting

total surveyed length last year was 18.79 miles, this year the total stands at 19.71 miles.

6/10/12 – Proposed ByLaw Changes

correcting some wording changes

6/4/12 – Biology – Dr. Ashley student trip

a Kestrel, a probe thermometer for water temperature and a laser thermometer for cave wall and roosting bats.

4/14/12 – “PED172 Intermediate Cave Exploration”

Extech IR thermometers were used to collect surface temperature of roosting bats. Kestrel Weather Stations were used to collect roost-site meterologic data.

3/22/2012 – Carroll passage trail marking

Mark it down 3 -22- 2012 Red bone is 1.

1/14/12 – Report from Trip to: CarrollPassage

We took a number of close-up photos of the carcasses.

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