CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2011

10/22/2011 – Field Phone Installation

… and bats don’t use phones.

10/29/11 – Annual bat count Carroll river trip

Guano gauge 13 = 5 turds

2011 Annual Landowners Trip

10/22/2011 – Short KCAG Grotto Trip

Rick noticed the fresh mud after two of our young guests passed by.

10/16/2011 – Work trip in Cave

our new members climbed the bank to look at the large formations at the entrance to the Convention Hall Passage …

10/15/2011 – Annual Landowners Trip

Fortunately Brandy had just warned our guests of the danger of standing in the fall zone.

7/30/11 – CCC Annual Members meeting

2011 CCC Members Meeting, Camdenton, MO USA

6/27/2011 – Ben wins grad. international award!

3/25-26/2011 – Arkansas Cave Pirate Weekend at Carroll

Thunder River was up several inches so the falls were louder and more spectacular than normal.

Stream Level graphs – full year 2010

When the graph is going up, it is raining. A horizontal graph is no rain.