CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2010

What are your memories of Carroll Cave?

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Rescue plans

Committee Policy additions were approved by the CCC board 5/19/04

Access Policy

current for 2010

7/3-6/2010 – Survey in DL7

[the wash] … report to follow

5/31/10 – Biology Project Trip Report

A number of snails were found. […] Dr. Ashley examined the bait sticks and found very little on them.

5/31/10 – Latest stream level data from Carroll Cave

2:15am – Hits 21 feet

Sherpa gear into DL7 on 5-8-10 to Downstream Thunder, DL7

Specific Purpose: Sherpa gear into DL7

Survey in DL7 on 4/23-25/2010 to DL7

We will let you know if we make it out of the cave.

4/17/10 – Report from Trip to: Upstream Thunder

halted by a pristine while stalagmite/flowstone mound that went wall to wall. Beyond the cave was opening up and going strong.

1/30/2010 – Survey Side passages in Upper Thunder

… since I only needed the data []. I was able to finger paint the data into the