CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2010

12/03/2010 – CCC Survey announcement

– making Carroll the 2nd longest cave in Missouri

11/23/10 – Carroll Cave Conservancy, WNS Policy

will be required to decontaminate their caving clothing and gear both before and after visiting the cave, per the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service guidelines

11/27/10 – Survey side passages in Upper Thunder

Planned survey trip to Upper Thunder

10/30/10 – Annual bat census to CarrollPassage

Guano gauge 7 = Completely clean.
Guano gauge 8 = Two turds.
Guano gauge 11 = Mostly covered, depth about 5mm.

10/2-3/10 – Annual CCC Landowner Trip

Visitors included Fry’s son Austyn, one of two nine-year-olds, and Trevor Armstrong, the great grandson of Charlie and Ruth Carroll.

2010 CCC Annual Mtg, Aug 14

CCC meeting, Aug 2010

10/2/2010 – Carroll passage, To continue and rap up cleaning in area

It is really cool what is on the floor of Carroll. Interesting stuff that has been covered up by splashed mud

2/20/2010 – Upstream Thunder

down to the Carroll Passage a thousand feet or so to wrap up the initial cleaning that was done in this area.

9/17/10 – Survey trip planned to DL7

Survey in DL7 and DL8; remove several in-cave charcoal packets

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