CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2009

08/16/09 CCC Members Meeting

group Aug 09 (2).jpgAnnual Board and Members Meeting was held at the Sweatt Schoolhouse (pictures and minutes included)

Geology of Carroll Cave by James A. Helwig

Click here to view a reprint of the paper.

7/18/09 – Biology Project Trip Report

The stream wanders from side to side and has created what Andy calls “Spanky Banks”.

Zooming in on hi-res images! works best on large digital images with lots of resolution. The recent large files have been generated by merging two or more images with Photoshop CS4.

7/17/09 – Upstream Thunder

… I had my RBFF press mug while the others had instant, or tea bag style coffee.

07/11/09 – Photography Trip Report

we saw 7 cave fish with the largest being 35mm and smallest 20mm. A single dark-brown salamander was observed in a Thunder River pool, swimming (length 25mm). No bats were seen.

06/01/09 – Biology student trip

The special guest was Alan Leary who is the staff biologist at Missouri Department of Transportation.

05/16/09 – Photo Trip Report

photo trip down the Carroll River Passage to the Water Barrier

04/19/09 – Dye tracing conclusion

We decided to go ahead and introduce the Tinopal OB-X into the pool and hope that it makes its way to the cave.

04/18/09 – Dye tracing

Mr. Jones seemed to be amenable to the idea though told us that the creek never flows except after a good rain. Since it was already raining and was forecast to throughout the night we hoped everything might work out.