CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2009

12/31/09 – 2009 Survey Trip Reports

reconned ahead and found that DL7 crosses over a drainage divide. We found a swiftly flowly creek going from west to east

12/27 – 12/31/09 Survey to DL-7

Where no (hu)man has gone before, except for maybe Tim.

12/27/2009 – Restoration trip in Carroll passage

The water was up and pouring over a lot faster than the month before

1/17/10 – Biology trip, placing Bait sticks

Participants may post comments here, that will be included in the final report.

12/4-6/09 – Survey in DL7

Survey crew in this weekend Dec 4-6. Post some comments here when you get out (prelude to the trip report). How’d it go?

10/24/09 – Annual bat census trip to Mountain Room

In years past we have seen clusters up to several thousand individuals between the 4500 and 2500 foot markers.

10/18/09 – Change charcoal packets in Upper Thunder

At least three of our charcoal packets had been completely ripped out by the flood pulse.

10/9-10/09 – Survey in DL7 and DL8

Survey in DL7 and DL8

9/19/2009 – Change charcoal packets in Upper Thunder

Areas of Cave TO BE Visited: Upstream Thunder Project sponsoring trip: Hydrology Feel free to leave comments about this trip. They will be added to the final report.

09/13/2009 – Water barrier and Upstream Thunder restoration

… Thunder Falls. The water seemed pretty low …