CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2008

12/31/2008 – CCC Annual report to the MSS

the total surveyed length to 90,736.6 ft (17.18 miles) and estimated passage length of 83,957.3 ft (15.90 miles). We have now surpassed Mystery Cave for third place on the Missouri cave length list

12/31/2008 – 2008 Survey Trips

We always figured that during high flows the Forevers sumped, but we never imagined that Thunder River could back up from the Lake

Sweatt Schoolhouse Restoration

CCC Sweatt Schoolhouse Restoration Project If you have been to Carroll Cave you have probably met or camped at the Schoolhouse. The one-room Sweatt Schoolhouse was built in the 20’s and named after a local family that owned the land. The Sweatt family settled in the county in 1844 and John D. Sweatt was a […]

November 2008 Restoration

Restoration Project Trip Report Date of Trip: 15 Nov 2008 Participants: Bill Gee (Trip Leader) Bill Pfantz Suzanna Langowski Pam Rader Ken Long Evan Gehring Time in: 10:00am Time Out: 3:40pm Areas Visited: Convention Hall and Conference Room A few weeks before this trip I received a call from Ron Lather. He had promised Bill […]

11/06/08 – the Mike Roo radio is delivered (Hancock)

We have had a ball with this radio and project. The ONLY regret is that Mike is not here saying these things.

Biology: 2007 bat census

Trip Report – Carroll Cave Biology Project Trip date: 13 October 2007 Participants: Bill Gee (trip leader) Andy Isbell Jim Cooley Craig Hines Time in cave: 10:00am Time out: 9:30pm Area visited: Carroll passage to the Mountain Room Purpose: Annual bat census ========== Craig Hines rode with me to the schoolhouse where we met Jim […]

Biology: 2008 bat census

Biology: Annual bat census CarrollPassage Jeff Grigg         Jeff Page         Max White 10:15am 8:45pm Biology Project Trip Report . Jeff Page and I arrived at the schoolhouse Friday evening to camp.  Jeff Grigg and Max White drove in early Saturday morning.  We all collected at the silo around 9:45 and were going […]

Delineating the recharge and discharge areas of Carroll Cave , and examing aspects of hydrologic behavior and water quality

Delineating the recharge and discharge areas of Carroll Cave , and examing aspects of hydrologic behavior and water quality By Ben Miller . Carroll Cave , located in the Ozarks regions of Central Missouri , is a dendritic cave system with over 26.9 kilometers, 16.7 miles, of mapped passage. Aside from being the longest cave […]

Trip Report for Carroll Cave Dye Tracing Project

Trip Report for Carroll Cave Dye Tracing Project 1st Round of Injections by Ben Miller Wednesday 10/1/08: Arriving at the campsite we (Ben Miller, Jake Skees, & Josh Brewer) met Shawn Williams who had camped at the Schoolhouse Tuesday night. After a quick shifting of gears from driving and travelling we headed up to the […]

Photo Training Carroll Cave Trip, September 21, 2008

Participants: Rick Hines (Trip Leader), Jeff Grigg, DJ Hall, John McGuire, Lori Schultz, Max White Trip Goal: To train cavers interested in cave photography on the use of multiple slave flash units. John McGuire, DJ Hall and I loaded my van and pulled out of my drive on the south side of KC at 7:00 […]