CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2007

12/26-30/07 – Lower Thunder River and DL7 (Lerch)

We knew that this trip was going to be tough. We would stay underground for 4 days,

12/01/2007 – Carroll River Side Passages (Lerch)

It continues as nice walking passage, but after 18 hours, they were all falling asleep and decided to head out.

10/05-07/07 – Lower Thunder survey (Lerch)

3-4 feet deep potholes of mud are treacherous, sending you face-first into the water on occasion.

09/08/07 – surveying in Carroll River (Schmitt/Lerch)

After our usual early in-time, …

07/07/07 – Lucky 7’s Day (Williams/Lerch)

Footage Totals: Bob-502.9 ft; Dan-792.9 ft; Ben-720.1 ft; Total, 2,015.9 ft. (0.38 miles) – not bad for 5 people!!!

04/07/07 – mapping Paradise Passage[CR3] (Lerch)

Chagrined, we finished up the remainder of the passage, which shuts down in a collapsed wall just 85′ or so past the Pool.

02/03/07 – Surveying Upper Thunder beyond the Breakdown Barrier (Lerch)

Not only does the main stream go, but there are a couple of decent side passages that need to be mapped.