CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2006

08/05/06 – the Mighty 3M Passage in UL2 (Lerch)

3M and Paradise both skirt along the ridge to the north of Traw Hollow, running parallel to Upper Thunder and Carroll trunk passages, but they are still a long way from each other.

Carroll Cave Survey Trip Report, July 1, 2006

Carroll Cave Survey Trip Report Submitted by Bob Lerch Text Box: Dates: July 2006 Area Mapped: 3M Passage (Meandering Muddy Madness) in UL2 Cavers: Team 1 – Amber Spohn and Andy Lerch Team 2 – Dan Lamping, Bob Lerch, and Bill Gee Time In: 10:00a on 7/1 Time Out: 12:00a on 7/2 Duration: 14 hours […]

07/01/06 – 3M Passage (Meandering Muddy Madness) in UL2

we named the passage the Meandering Muddy Madness, or 3M for short, because of the slimy, winding passage. Footage totals for the trip: Team 1, 313.65 feet; Team 2, 307.97 feet for a total of 621.62 feet.

05/06 – mapping a mile+ in DL7 (Lerch)

With this trip, we have mapped 4017.5 feet in DL7, and we have so much more to survey in this huge “cave within a cave.“

Survey trip into Paradise – 4/1/06

Survey into Paradise

04/06 – further into Paradise-CR3(Lerch)

In just two trips, we mapped 2465.1 feet (0.47 miles), and we have not yet reached the infamous Azure Pool.

3/15/2006 Area Mapped: Round Room and UL3

re-shoot some shots near the Round Room, where we had a loop error problem; and 2) push the last remaining lead in the south east arm of UL3.

03/06 – Paradise & UL3 (Lerch)

, we were anxious to get back and start working in this area of the cave again. We decided that the Paradise Passage, designated as the CR3 survey, would be a good place to rack up the footage.

02/04/06 – DL7 (Lamping)

DL7 is a big and muddy canyon. The entire time we were back there I was amazed and humbled by the earlier efforts of the initial surveyors mapping back there, who had much more travel time and not quite as fancy gear.