CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2005

11/05/05 – Survey down Thunder

e floated in the water. Going down stream in a wetsuit is the best way to travel downstream. We made good time to Jerry’s Cairn.

Permit Request Form

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adopted Oct. 2005

9/2-5/05 – Survey Upstream through the Barrier

Our goal for the weekend was to push main passage into and beyond the Breakdown Barrier. In so doing, we would also pass the Helwig survey,

Work on silo

September 27th Work Weekend at the Backdoor Workers: Bernhard Arnold, Greg Buckley, Bill Copeland, Ashley Fleming, Rick Hines, Dan Lamping, Ron Lather, Bob Lerch, Bill Pfantz, Richard Thompson, Aaron White, Joe Sikorski Special thanks to: Danny Schupbach, Phil Ming, Eddie Simmons Tasks were accomplished in three general areas: a high rig point for rescue work, […]

05/07/05 – Lerch (Downstream)

fter reaching the shaft we climbed out with an extra pack full of water bottles that Bill did not enjoy.

04/02/05 – Lerch, Survey Up Thunder

The meander is relatively easy mapping for Upper Thunder, but it’s also relatively non-descript. An old stream channel runs under a low ledge along the right-hand wall (looking in) the entire way.

Survey Plans, April-May-June 2005

June: camp at Jerry’s Cairns and continue pushing lower thunder.

03/05/05 – Survey down Thunder

Email and pictures from Daniel Lamping regarding surveying activities March 5, 2005