CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2004

05/08/04 – Lerch (CR1-Carroll River from the Water Barrier upstream)

Of particular note, were the giant rimstone pools with small aragonite (or pool spar) bushes about 1.5’-2” long dangling from under the lip of the rimstone! Super sweet!!

05/08/04 – Miller (Carroll passage)

The left/north side caused us to have wade up to our stomachs in water but the other side was just muddy.

04/04/04 – Crews (UL2)

We mapped around 10 stations with our longest shot at around 15 feet and what I
believe to be the shortest shot in Carroll at 1.95 feet.

04/04/04 – Lamping (UL2)

One shot was only 2.8′. We were lucky to tie the surveys together. Average passage width was 1′- 2’where we were at, with a 20′ ceiling height.

04/03/04 – Lerch (Upper Thunder by the UL3 Maze)

we decided to leave the grimmest low meander for another day.

04/03/04 – Miller (Carroll passage)

We surveyed for several hundred feet through well-decorated passage with hundreds of stalagmites and eventually took a break. We took our break at the hole which was a little odd for us as we are usually several thousand feet away from the backdoor entrance when surveying.

02/28/04 -Goska (Upper Thunder cleanup)

We went back up to the Toilet Bowl Room, and finished off the main passage survey,

02/28/04 – Lerch (UL3/main passage)

ust beyond the dome room, we tied-in to the UL3 maze where it drains into Thunder River at UL68a7. We now had tied-in all the hanging passage!

02/28/04 -Sikorski (UL2)

All I saw was an occassional boot tread scrape in the mud.

02/07/04 – Lerch (Main passage before Round Room)

this was our first trip in main passage using hand-held instruments…