CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2003

Some Lessons in Running a Sucessful Cave Survey Project

Along about June 2003 it seemed the project needed a morale boost…

06/07/03 -Borton -Survey Summary (with Photos)

The cave was de-rigged, cave gates locked with the proper locks, owners gates secured, campground cleaned up and fires out by 1400 hrs, Sunday June 08, 2003.

05/03/03 – Lounsbury – reSketches with Disto

This trip was an experiment to see the full potential our new Disto laser distance meters could provide to us. They proved worthy of there weight in gold. The Disto now allows us to sketch at great detail without the required three man teams needed to pull tape, read compass, and clino in half the time.

05/02/03 -Miller (UL2)

We all made it out and back to the ladder just fine, headed up the ladder and greeted the early morning. One long wet and cold day in UL2 but all in all a good trip.

04/05/03 – Austin – UR1 (was UR2)

we arrived at the entrance to UR1 a little short of an hour. UR1 was previously known as UR2 until the Transit team discovered that there was no such passage before that point.

04/05/03 – Goska (Transit baseline)

The day started out wonderfully, as the tripod for the transit made a gravity-assisted trip down most of the shaft. Fortunately, Brian had another tripod in his truck. The coupler for mounting the transit on the tripod was damaged, but it was repaired in cave.

04/05/03 – Miller (UL2 side passage)

Bob Lerch showed us where to start, which was a small meander off of the left/south side of the main UL2 passage. We started surveying this meander but almost instantly became aware that this was not going to be a simple meander. The walls most of the time were deceiving, either not being the true wall or being angled at such a way that the wall was not visible.

03/08/03 – Austin (UL1)

Our mission for the weekend was to return to the elusive UL1 survey, 10 minutes from the backdoor entrance to Carroll.

03/08/03 – Lounsbury (Transit)

I have completed the first quad (U1) and have started the second upstream quad( U2) and it will contain the newly finished UL1 survey.

03/01/03 – Austin (UR2)

UR2, located a short

distance upstream from UL2 (Convention Hall survey). We arrived at the

lead about an hour after entering the cave and began our survey.