CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the year 2003

12/6/03 – Lerch (UL2)

From the stream level beyond Convention Hall, we are about 1200′ east of the UL3 maze. Old rumors persist that these two passages connect,

12/06/03 -Sikorski (UL2)

a few of us helped out Dan Austin with his photography efforts. The 3 flashes really lit up the room and gave a more detailed perspective of the grand size.

12/06/03 – Gee Convention Hall Report

Loose rocks

UL2-59: Two flying bats

12/06/03 – Bruegger 2-way Voice Cave2Surface Radio Test

… Jeff came up about 4:30 and we all went to town for supper and a beer. Set up late by the camp fire to keep it going for the survey crews. They came out about 4:00 AM Sunday morning.

11/08/03 -November Crews UL2 Survey Report

After descending the shaft we waited for the other parties to head on out to UL3 and for Bob Lerch’s party to descend before traveling to UL2.

11/08/03 – November Goska Survey Report

Carbide dump (caplamp sized) about 100′ upstream of lunch area near UL4. Very fresh, as there were chunks in the dump that still could have been put into a lamp and burned.

11/08/03 – November Lerch UL2 Survey Report

, we leaped frog along the stream and huge meanders mapping continuously for nearly 8 hours

11/08/03 – November Miller UL3maze Survey Report

Once we reached the “UL4 entrance” to the UL3 maze we stopped and set up a base area for a later hot meal. This also gave those of us changing clothes a chance to do so.

08/02/03 – August Survey Report

We got a late start into the cave since everyone wanted to sleep in. It was 1:10p by the time everyone was at the bottom of the entrance. We headed to the end of the main passage U survey to quickly tie it into UL3.

07/04/03 – July Survey Report

Continue survey of the Upper Thunder River Main-Stream Passage; continue side passage in UL3 sections off of Upper Thunder River. Trip objectives were met with teams continuing survey on two (2) consecutive days.