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12/31/2008 – CCC Annual report to the MSS

the total surveyed length to 90,736.6 ft (17.18 miles) and estimated passage length of 83,957.3 ft (15.90 miles). We have now surpassed Mystery Cave for third place on the Missouri cave length list

Sweatt Schoolhouse Restoration

CCC Sweatt Schoolhouse Restoration Project If you have been to Carroll Cave you have probably met or camped at the Schoolhouse. The one-room Sweatt Schoolhouse was built in the 20’s and named after a local family that owned the land. The Sweatt family settled in the county in 1844 and John D. Sweatt was a […]

CCC Members Meeting

Sept. 20, 2008 at the Schoolhouse near Montreal, MO

Trip Report Form

Permit Request Form

Cave Permit and Trip Register Form

Work on silo

September 27th Work Weekend at the Backdoor Workers: Bernhard Arnold, Greg Buckley, Bill Copeland, Ashley Fleming, Rick Hines, Dan Lamping, Ron Lather, Bob Lerch, Bill Pfantz, Richard Thompson, Aaron White, Joe Sikorski Special thanks to: Danny Schupbach, Phil Ming, Eddie Simmons Tasks were accomplished in three general areas: a high rig point for rescue work, […]

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