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3/14/2015 – Biology Baseline (but too wet)

The low water bridge just west of Greg Fry’s house has about 4 or 5 inches of water flowing across it.

2/15/2015 – Biology count the bait sticks trip

Corvette Way was the next person below her. He was able to hook the winch to her seat harness

1/10/2015 – Annual Stream logger download trip

but one heavy jug is still there for another team to deal with. One of the trash items was a VERY old jar of peanut butter!

10/25/2014 – Annual Bat Census

fairly muddy but still easier and shorter

Fish photography

Trip Report – Fish photography 27 July 2014 Trip permit number = 1407-1 Several months ago I was introduced to Bob Hrabik by both David Ashley and Shelly Colatskie.  Bob is working on a revision of the book “The Fishes of Missouri”.  Among his goals are to get really good photographs of every species of […]

6/2/2014 – Annual biology field trip

I do not recall any previous occasion where we found absolutely nothing on any stick at a bait station.

02/15/2014 – Bio survey upper Thunder River

an hour to get to the breakdown pile, including a short side-trip to admire the Second Azure Pool. We took a pause for a candy bar break

1/11/2014 – Data logger service trip

I expect to see some significant spikes in August when I get the full-year data set put together.

In UL2 we saw several cave fish and a couple of larval salamanders. We looked in a few places for isopods and found several. We looked at two of the tiles and found one snail.

10/26/13 – Carroll Passage, Annual Bat Census

The data shows a 20 foot spike in the stream level in Thunder River and a 4 foot spike in Carroll River.

6/2/2013 – Report from Trip to: Convention Hall

measuring isopods, and checking out the bait sticks