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1/6/2018 – Data Logger Service

we had a bag of tools, a concrete block and a new stilling well

Biology Project data files

This post contains an attached ZIP file.  The ZIP file is the raw data from the past ten years of bat census trips.  Each trip generated three files – One for isopod count, one for guano pile status and one for bat count. Bill Gee CarrollcaveBioProjectData

5/13/2017 – eDNA sample collection

The weather was nearly perfect – sunny and about 80 degrees

4/15/2017 – eDNA sample collection

There were 2 or 3 fish right at the sample site

3/25/2017 – eDNA collection trip

we got lucky.  There was one fish near the second sample site

11/29/2016 – Annual bat census

Guano gauge 32 = 20% coverage, mostly small turds

13 February 2016 – far down Thunder river Lake Room snorkeling

It was several lengths of iron pipe strapped together. Three green 6 gallon water jugs were attached, obviously to act as floats.

10/26/2015 – Annual Bat Census

Several of our count areas had zero bats, which I have never seen before. There were three sections with good populations of grey bats, perhaps 600 to 1000 individuals in each.

5/25/2015 – student Bio trip

continued onto Convention Hall, and with Bill Gee previously scheduled to be back in UL2 to download a datalogger, I assumed they wouldn’t be by themselves long

4/11/2015 – Upper Thunder Biology count

I hoped to be back at the ladder by 8:00pm so we would have a bit of daylight remaining.