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1/30/2010 – Survey Side passages in Upper Thunder

… since I only needed the data []. I was able to finger paint the data into the

12/31/09 – 2009 Survey Trip Reports

reconned ahead and found that DL7 crosses over a drainage divide. We found a swiftly flowly creek going from west to east

12/27 – 12/31/09 Survey to DL-7

Where no (hu)man has gone before, except for maybe Tim.

12/4-6/09 – Survey in DL7

Survey crew in this weekend Dec 4-6. Post some comments here when you get out (prelude to the trip report). How’d it go?

10/9-10/09 – Survey in DL7 and DL8

Survey in DL7 and DL8

7/17/09 – Upstream Thunder

… I had my RBFF press mug while the others had instant, or tea bag style coffee.

12/31/2008 – CCC Annual report to the MSS

the total surveyed length to 90,736.6 ft (17.18 miles) and estimated passage length of 83,957.3 ft (15.90 miles). We have now surpassed Mystery Cave for third place on the Missouri cave length list

12/31/2008 – 2008 Survey Trips

We always figured that during high flows the Forevers sumped, but we never imagined that Thunder River could back up from the Lake

11/06/08 – the Mike Roo radio is delivered (Hancock)

We have had a ball with this radio and project. The ONLY regret is that Mike is not here saying these things.

12/26-30/07 – Lower Thunder River and DL7 (Lerch)

We knew that this trip was going to be tough. We would stay underground for 4 days,