The CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the Survey category.

13 February 2016 – far down Thunder river Lake Room snorkeling

It was several lengths of iron pipe strapped together. Three green 6 gallon water jugs were attached, obviously to act as floats.

3/23/2014 – 20 mile survey milestone reached!

The milestone was reached in DL7-L2, which is the lengthy south fork of DL7. The cave was nice walking passage with a large room near the 20-mile mark.

1/7-9/2011 – Survey in upper Thunder

While not a steller day, we managed 148 feet of small passage.

1/14-17/2011 Survey in CarrollPassage

Trip report to follow.

12/03/2010 – CCC Survey announcement

– making Carroll the 2nd longest cave in Missouri

9/17/10 – Survey trip planned to DL7

Survey in DL7 and DL8; remove several in-cave charcoal packets

7/3-6/2010 – Survey in DL7

[the wash] … report to follow

Sherpa gear into DL7 on 5-8-10 to Downstream Thunder, DL7

Specific Purpose: Sherpa gear into DL7

Survey in DL7 on 4/23-25/2010 to DL7

We will let you know if we make it out of the cave.

4/17/10 – Report from Trip to: Upstream Thunder

halted by a pristine while stalagmite/flowstone mound that went wall to wall. Beyond the cave was opening up and going strong.