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3/14/2015 – Biology Baseline (but too wet)

The low water bridge just west of Greg Fry’s house has about 4 or 5 inches of water flowing across it.

2014 Stream Flow project report

The Stream Flow Project for 2014 is complete.  No unusual changes in the river levels were seen. Data is only available for the first 6 months of 2014.  Sometime after June 2 the battery in the barometric pressure logger failed.  As a result there is no barometric compensation data for the second half of the […]

1/10/2015 – Annual Stream logger download trip

but one heavy jug is still there for another team to deal with. One of the trash items was a VERY old jar of peanut butter!

2013 Stream Flow Annual Report

The stream flow data from full year 2013 is now collected and graphed.  The attached ZIP file contains all of the raw data in TXT format plus PDF graphs of each major data set.  If anyone has HoboWare Plus (not a free program) and wants the true raw data, let me know and I will […]

7/20/2013 – Data Logger servicing

It was nice to not have to pull the rope out!

2012 Stream Flow Project report

During 2012, there were several major rises in the stream level in Carroll Cave. All occurred in the spring,

6/27/2011 – Ben wins grad. international award!

Stream Level graphs – full year 2010

When the graph is going up, it is raining. A horizontal graph is no rain.

5/31/10 – Latest stream level data from Carroll Cave

2:15am – Hits 21 feet

1/30/2010 – Survey and charcoal packet swap at DL8

Suddenly it seemed that the pools were deeper than before and we found ourselves with an unexpected and unpleasant swim over to the side passage. We wondered if the Lake Room might be backed up enough to create this much higher than normal water level.