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10/15/2011 – Annual Landowners Trip

Fortunately Brandy had just warned our guests of the danger of standing in the fall zone.

10/2-3/10 – Annual CCC Landowner Trip

Visitors included Fry’s son Austyn, one of two nine-year-olds, and Trevor Armstrong, the great grandson of Charlie and Ruth Carroll.

06/01/09 – Biology student trip

The special guest was Alan Leary who is the staff biologist at Missouri Department of Transportation.

12/31/2008 – CCC Annual report to the MSS

the total surveyed length to 90,736.6 ft (17.18 miles) and estimated passage length of 83,957.3 ft (15.90 miles). We have now surpassed Mystery Cave for third place on the Missouri cave length list

Sweatt Schoolhouse Restoration

CCC Sweatt Schoolhouse Restoration Project If you have been to Carroll Cave you have probably met or camped at the Schoolhouse. The one-room Sweatt Schoolhouse was built in the 20’s and named after a local family that owned the land. The Sweatt family settled in the county in 1844 and John D. Sweatt was a […]