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3/25/2017 – eDNA collection trip

we got lucky.  There was one fish near the second sample site

1/9/2016 – data logger servicing trip

Everyone took a trip over to see the falls. It was running rather strong, making an impressive sight!

7/20/2015 – Thanksgivings pour in for the owners and management of Carroll Cave.

Thank you.

7/1/2015 – Trip purpose: NSS tourist

Thunder River was probably as high as it can get. If it gets any higher, the excess just flows over into Carroll River. The shortcuts over to Thunder Falls were completely summped, and water from them was flowing through some rocks into the Carroll River headwater pond.

1/10/2015 – Annual Stream logger download trip

but one heavy jug is still there for another team to deal with. One of the trash items was a VERY old jar of peanut butter!

7/26/14 – 2014 CCC Annual Meeting

was held in Camdenton, MO

7/20/2013 – CCC Annual Members Meeting

the January trip to replenish rescue caches in Lower Thunder and finding them to have been destroyed by rising water

6/2/2013 – Report from Trip to: Convention Hall

measuring isopods, and checking out the bait sticks

1/5/2013 – Biology student trip

… his students brought three tubs of water with them. One was bleach…

4/14/12 – “PED172 Intermediate Cave Exploration”

Extech IR thermometers were used to collect surface temperature of roosting bats. Kestrel Weather Stations were used to collect roost-site meterologic data.