The CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the Cave Restoration category.

7/1/2017 – Photo trip upstream

a surprising amount of trash that we extracted

1/28/2017 – Annual data logger date collection trip

The Rimstone Room still has some carbide dumps that need to be picked up.  The rock wall that protects a formation about halfway from the ladder to the Rimstone Room is mostly knocked apart. 

6/16/2016 – Carroll passage restoration

the lights at the end of the rope were shorting out and sparking

2/6/2016 – Upstream Thunder restoration

pick up some carbide dumps in Carroll passage

2/9/2013 – Restoration in Carroll Passage

and attempted to erase the wide elephant trail

3/22/2012 – Carroll passage trail marking

Mark it down 3 -22- 2012 Red bone is 1.

10/22/2011 – Short KCAG Grotto Trip

Rick noticed the fresh mud after two of our young guests passed by.

10/16/2011 – Work trip in Cave

our new members climbed the bank to look at the large formations at the entrance to the Convention Hall Passage …

3/25-26/2011 – Arkansas Cave Pirate Weekend at Carroll

Thunder River was up several inches so the falls were louder and more spectacular than normal.

10/2/2010 – Carroll passage, To continue and rap up cleaning in area

It is really cool what is on the floor of Carroll. Interesting stuff that has been covered up by splashed mud