The CarrollCaveConservancy archives for the Photography/Video category.

3/31/2018 – Finish anchoring stilling well, reposition rope light

looks like snotites. They are probably strands of calcite that is not yet hard. I got that stuff all over me!

11/18/2017 – Turning on the lights

we un-spooled the lights and fastened them to the ladder before too much weight caused stress on the lights

7/1/2017 – Photo trip upstream

a surprising amount of trash that we extracted

5/13/2017 – eDNA sample collection

The weather was nearly perfect – sunny and about 80 degrees

13 February 2016 – far down Thunder river Lake Room snorkeling

It was several lengths of iron pipe strapped together. Three green 6 gallon water jugs were attached, obviously to act as floats.

Dec. 29, 2015 Natural entrance flooding

Here’s a photo from Jenny Fry of Carroll’s natural entrance.  

5/17/2015 – Trip Leader Training

Rick rescued a small king snake at the bottom of the ladder.

3/14/2015 – Biology Baseline (but too wet)

The low water bridge just west of Greg Fry’s house has about 4 or 5 inches of water flowing across it.

Fish photography

Trip Report – Fish photography 27 July 2014 Trip permit number = 1407-1 Several months ago I was introduced to Bob Hrabik by both David Ashley and Shelly Colatskie.  Bob is working on a revision of the book “The Fishes of Missouri”.  Among his goals are to get really good photographs of every species of […]

7/20/2013 – CCC Annual Members Meeting

the January trip to replenish rescue caches in Lower Thunder and finding them to have been destroyed by rising water