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1975 Trip Report

The PDF file below was written by Jim Ladesich after a Carroll Cave trip in 1975.  We are not sure of the exact date.  The report was provided by Charlie Watts who was one of the founders of KCAG. Bill Gee JimLadesichTripReport

7/3/2018 – data collection

The marked trail around the Giant formation in Carroll Passage has pretty much
disintegrated. It needs to be rebuilt.

1/7/2018 – Carroll Passage visit

classified as a possible fungal pathogen

11/2/2017 – Annual bat census

When we got back, Rita found a live one and put it in a flask to carry out.

7/15/17 – Carroll passage resto trip

Went to water barrier and took pictures

8/13/2016 – Service data loggers

Back home I cleaned the tape from inside the data shuttle.

8/29/2015 – CCC Annual Meeting

Upon receiving his gift from the CCC at this meeting, Jim took time to tell us a bit of his history!

2014 Stream Flow project report

The Stream Flow Project for 2014 is complete.  No unusual changes in the river levels were seen. Data is only available for the first 6 months of 2014.  Sometime after June 2 the battery in the barometric pressure logger failed.  As a result there is no barometric compensation data for the second half of the […]

2013 Stream Flow Annual Report

The stream flow data from full year 2013 is now collected and graphed.  The attached ZIP file contains all of the raw data in TXT format plus PDF graphs of each major data set.  If anyone has HoboWare Plus (not a free program) and wants the true raw data, let me know and I will […]

11/27/10 – Survey side passages in Upper Thunder

Planned survey trip to Upper Thunder